ADULT DESEXED
These cats are looking for their forever homes. Ideally suited to a home with no young children
where they can live out their lives being spoilt. Suited to units or apartments as they are indoor
Would prefer Bree and Tigerlilly went together.Price neg for right person[s]If you can give these girls a forever home please ring me on 0400822572
                                           Pilbaradolls Tigerlilly
                                                                  Chocolate Tabby Point
                                                                                         3.5 year Pilbaradolls Tigerlilly [Lilly] chocolate tabby point desexed female
                                                       Jade lilac tabby point SOLD
Pilbaradolls Bree seal tabby point desexed femalePilbaradolls Jade traditional lilac tabby point desexe female,Has now gone to her forever home
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