Guysndolls Jaimie Chocolate beautifull traditional chocolate bi-colour.Her first litter was stunning
Guyndolls Jaime Chocolat
100 traditonal lines a stunning
Chocolate Bi-colour thanks to Debbie
Shreoda Mistique lovely lilac point ragdoll cat  and has had some beautiful kittens
Shedoda Mistique
another stunning girl a Lilac Point
Shayrags Anne Marie
Yet another wonderful girl
our very own Seal point carrying
ShayRags Anna Marie [Ebony] seal point carring chocolate and blue.Has had 7 lovly kittenschcoolate
                                                                                                                  Pilbaradolls Azura    
                                                                                                                  100%   tradititional blue mitted                                                                                  
Pilbaradolls Azura [Chrystal]traditional blue mitted A very cuddlely ragdoll cat
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